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Are you ready for a change in hosting provider?

Turn a bad thing into a good thing and try out a completely different sort of hosting.

Unlimited Service -
Unexpected Features

1. Site Migration and Virus & Hack Check

As soon as you decide to try the service we will copy your site and give it a health check, we need to be sure there is nothing nasty hidden in your file system. We run Linux Maldet followed by ClamAV and then finally Config Server Exploit Scanner. If anything is picked up we will send you a report.

2. Site speed test and enhancements

We always boast about or fast server and web page speeds and will setup compression, CDN via CloudFlare, DDOS protection and firewall and some other magic that makes your site the best it can be.

3. We add your site to a monitor!

Every single website we host is monitored, other hosts monitor their server (if you're lucky) but not each website. If any site goes down we get alerted within 5 minutes and will check your site and see if there is a technical fix we can apply.

4. Premium SMTP configuration

We will connect your web servers phpmail and smtp mail to a premium SMTP service so your email is lightning fast and works perfectly on every device you have.

If your site has a contact form or email functionality we will run a quick test and make sure it's working as it should.

5. We setup daily incremental backups

As soon as your site exists on our server, all of your databases, files, emails, ssl certificates and cron jobs are backed up on a nightly backup service which stores your files on a separate hard disk.

If you ever need to do a restore you can use a restore manager to select individual files from a timeline view or entire site backups and they are automatically restored exactly as they were at the time of backing up. No messing around.

6. Really elegant support

Whenever you need assistance, whatever it is you are trying to achieve, you can click the small person icon at the bottom right of our website to speak to a senior website administrator and web developer. No question is too difficult.

Worlds most powerful Cpanel
WHM Paper Lantern

We have created a custom WHM Cpanel installation with all the bells and whistles. You will fall in love with your new control panel.

IT Services 4 Me

Michael constantly goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy. It is very rare these days that people go above any beyond. I am extremely impressed with this company and service. Highly Recommended.

ADP Web Design

Moved from my old host to Borg and it has gone smoother than I could ever imagine. Absolutely recommend Borg to anyone! Server speed is a massive positive as well as the customer service!!